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Sample Material List or Estimate
  • Below is a link to a sample of a material list or estimate produced in RainCAD™. All pricing including the list price, labor rate, and percentages for overhead and sales tax are hypothetical. Software Republic does not suggest in anyway that these prices are accurate. Nor do we suggest that this discount rate should be given by a distributor to any irrigation or landscape contractor.
    View Sample Material Estimate Report
    You will need Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher to view the Material/Estimate report.

    The Material/Estimate command will calculate a complete bill of materials for all equipment or plant material on the design including the length of pipe and control wire. The command will include supplies for any Tied Assembly assigned to a piece of equipment or plant material. You may select which categories will appear in the report such as quantity, description, list price, labor rate, wholesale cost and more. You can sort the categories in any order you desire. You can preview the report, send it to the printer or export the report in one of many different formats including Microsoft Excel, XPS, Adobe PDF or Comma Separated Values.

     Project Information
    The Project Information command will allow you to assign specific information to a design such as the customer's name and address, percent of profit, percent of overhead for labor and materials, miscellaneous fees/permits and more. You may include the customer's name and address at the top of the material takeoff or estimate/proposal based on the Options setting on the Settings tab.