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RainCAD™ Product Activation
  • This process will allow you to access the serial number to unlock one of the following products:
    • RainCAD™ 9.0 DesignCAD Edition
    • RainCAD™ 8.0 DesignCAD Edition
    • RainCAD™ 7.5 DesignCAD Edition
    • EcoCAD™ 5.0 DesignCAD Edition
    • RainCAD™ X Series 3.0 AutoCAD® Edition
    Enter the Product Key and Password found on your Quick Start sheet in the boxes below and click on the Login button to continue.
    Product Key:  
    To receive an unlock code for Irricalc™, click on Register Irricalc from the Irricalc Help menu. In the Enter Registration Information dialog box you will notice a Serial Number. Please login to the Online Helpdesk and submit a new ticket supplying the serial number and requesting an unlock code.