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Pro Contractor Studio™ Referral Program Details
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  • Pro Contractor Studio™ Referral Program

    You can earn dollars toward your next subscription to Pro Contractor Studio™ by simply referring your friends! When a new subscriber* enters your Account Email Address during the purchase of an activation key, you automatically earn a $30.00 credit toward your next subscription. Saving money can’t get any easier than this.

    Here's how the program work:

    1. You contact a friend and suggest they subscribe to the Pro Contractor Studio™ landscape and irrigation design software to enhance their sales resentations and close more sales calls.
    2. You give your friend theemail address assigned to your PCS Account.
    3. Your friend installs the Pro Contractor Studio™ software following the instructions on the Download Now page.
    4. Your friend then creates a new account and registers their Machine ID number.
    5. They click on the Purchase Subscription button for the newly registered machine.
    6. During the subscription process they select the number of days to subscribe and enter your Account Email Address in the Referred By text box.
    7. They complete the purchase process to receive their activation code.
    8. When you log into your PCS Account to purchase a new subscription for one of your registered machines, you will see $30.00 in credits available from referrals! The more referrals you have sign up, the more dollars in credits will be displayed. If you have more than one machine registered, you can spend $15.00 in credits on one computer and $15.00 on the other to register both machines for 30 days.

Simply give your account email address to a friend and ask them to be sure to enter it when purchasing their new subscription and you just saved $30.00!

* Referrals must be an account without any previous subscriptions. An existing account with an expired subscription is not eligible.
* An existing account registering a new computer is not eligible.
* A referral must sign up for at least one 30 day subscription.
* Referrals within the same account are not eligible.