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  • The tutorial videos are divided up into the categories below to assist users in getting up and running as quickly as possible with the Irricalc™ water management software.
    These video tutorials will instruct you on how to add and assign a controller to a project, select data from a historical database of evapotranspiration rates, and enter the required information for each of the four different scheduling types such as soil information, plant root depths, and plant factors or landscape coefficient values.
    Project Information
    The Project Information command will allow you to assign specific information to a report such as the project site location and the project contact information.
    View Report
    The View Report button will allow you to calculate a report for each of the tools available in Irricalc™. This feature allows you to view a completed schedule or report to see how the data will appear when sent to the printer.
    Scheduling Report Settings
    On the Scheduling Report dialog box, adjust any settings and click on the Calculate button. You may adjust any of the option settings across the top of the tab at any time and recalculate the report by clicking on the Calculate button.